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Chrome OS

Chrome OS is a cloud-first operating system that provides workplaces modern technology experience and greater business advantages.

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Why Do We Prefer Chrome OS?

Upgrade to what’s easy! 

Life’s complicated enough. Why not we simplify things with a Chromebook?

A cloud-first operating system for your enterprise

The nerve center of a cloud-first business, Chrome OS provides employees with a modern experience and devices that stay fast, have built-in security, deploy quickly, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Having Chrome OS as your organisation’s OS also provides the most essential aspects in boosting productivity in workplaces:

  • Fast OS
  • Absolute simplicity
  • Solid built-in security
  • Reliable speed
  • Deploy quickly
  • Reduces total cost of ownership

So are you ready to make the switch now?

A Built-in Peace of Mind

Chrome OS deters users from falling hostage to harmful attacks, and works with diverse application ecosystems to ensure apps are trusted while providing IT with essential controls.

  • Protect against current threats

  • Regular background updates

  • Keep harmful apps out

Pillars for Maximum Productivity

In lieu of the recent happenings in our world, companies have had to modernize how they run their organisations.

Hence, Chrome OS has these pillars ready to help you!

Fast deployment and simple management

When compared to Windows devices, Chrome OS devices deploy up to 76% faster, with no imaging required because devices automatically download users’ apps, settings, and bookmarks stored in a cloud profile.

Apps for every worker

Chrome OS gives employees access to the productivity and video conferencing apps they prefer, like Zoom, Slack, Meet, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Teams. Identify solutions that are verified by Google to run well on Chrome OS with Chrome Enterprise Recommended.

Modern employee experience: WORK ANYWHERE!

Chrome OS gives modern workers the ease and flexibility that is now mandatory. Devices boot up quickly and updates happen automatically in the background to mitigate downtime and improve efficiency.

Built-in and proactive security

Equipped with security features like data encryption, sandboxing, and Google-designed Titan C chip protecting identity and system integrity, Chrome OS devices have built-in security.

Smart and eco-friendly Investment

Chrome OS is designed to minimize costs and energy consumption over time. By making the switch, businesses can save their spending on reduced deployment, upgrade, and training costs.

Chrome OS is what ChromeworX prefers every organisation to use, securing efficiency in their productivity.

Chrome OS provides end users with a familiar experience that IT can easily integrate with existing infrastructure to keep things running smoothly.


Keep employees satisfied and productive

Why settle to a lot of processes when simplicity is in your hands?

Chrome OS for Businesses

The business advantages you’ve been long planning about can be now easily achieved! 

Why Choose ChromeworX?

Chrome Enterprise Deployments / Google Workspace
Migrations / Chrome OS Intergrations

Have your Chrome
Fleet Managed

Allow your organisation to scale up without IT holding you back.

Work with Certified Google Experts

Our IT Engineers are Google Certified with over 10 years of experience to ensure best practices are implemented.

Fast & Reliable Service

We can provide both onsite and remote support for your IT issues.

Cloud Consultants
will Secure your Data

Regular Security reviews to ensure your organisation has the appropriate layers of protection in place.

Save Time & Money,
and Manage Smoothly

The combination of Chrome Enterprise and Google Workspace by ChromeworX will reduce your IT costs and increase productivity.

Have your Team Produce their Best Work

We will train your team on how to best use the tech so they can collaborate and work smarter.

See How We Work.

Here's What Our Customers Say

We were able to reduce our IT costs by 30% when replacing Dropbox & Microsoft with Google Workspace. There has also been significant time saving with IT administration and usage of Google Drive.

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John Filler Executive Director
The rollout of Chromebooks is meeting project expectations of mobile staff having devices that work for the whole day without need to recharge, and provided cost savings greater than 50% to manage and

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Noah's Ark
Peter Davies IT Systems Manager
At Fonda, we’ve been wanting to make the switch from Office365 to Google for Work for a while. The ability of our restaurant leaders to be able to collaborate on documents is really

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Fonda Mexican
Richard George IT Manager


We have policies in place to ensure we won’t have access to your information unless you specifically request it.

One of our policies is to not keep records of employees login credentials. If your employees need their password, we can only reset it as we won’t have it on file. We have also been in business for 14 years and our Google Reviews show we are a trustworthy operator.

Our minimum contract term is 3 months. The reason for this is it takes this long to get a good feel for each other’s business and work through all the teething issues that may arise once we up the level of security in your organisation.

You won’t have downtime, we just need to work with your staff to enforce better practices to stay safe in today’s dangerous cyber world.

We don’t lock our clients in for years as we know they will be happy with our services and stay with us for a long time.

Yes. Contact us to find out if you are eligible and the type of special pricing you can get.



Unlock the Full IT Potential of your Organisation!

Learn how Google products can enhance your business from one of our specialists.

Fast deployment and simple management

The cloud-based Google Admin Console allows IT to configure more than 500 policies from anywhere, control updates, and install or manage apps from anywhere. Even with robust controls, it’s still easy to get started with pre-set default policies recommended by Google. 

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Apps for every worker

Managed Google Play allows IT to curate and deploy top enterprise apps and private apps. Access legacy and Windows apps in secure virtual environments through virtualization providers like Citrix and VMware, or use Parallels Desktop to access Windows apps locally.

  • Insert product listing and prices here

Modern employee experience: WORK ANYWHERE!

End users don’t have to accept any prompts or wait for loading screens; Google provides updates every six weeks that happen while users work, reducing downtime and interruptions for employees. Cloud profiles enable seamless logins across Chrome OS devices, and offline working for Google Play store apps, Gmail and Google Drive file keeps workers versatile. User workflows become cloud-first by default, with automatic backups and apps and data syncing across devices to prevent lost progress.


  • Insert product listings and prices here. 

Built-in and proactive security

Google Safe Browsing alerts users from navigating to malicious sites and the prevent password reuse feature  stops employees from reusing business passwords to proactively prevent malicious threats and data leaks. There are two copies of Chrome OS on every device so verified boot can confirm the system is unmodified at boot up, and if the OS is found to be corrupted, it can switch to the safe version. Executables don’t run on Chrome OS, eliminating the need for antivirus software. IT controls prevent lost or stolen devices and regularly update security in the background. Low on-device data footprint with most files being stored in the cloud reduces threat of ransomware.

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A smart and eco-friendly investment

Chrome OS devices are built with sustainable and recyclable materials and consume up to 46% less energy than comparable competitor devices

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Offerings, Prices, and Promos

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Google Chrome Hardware Training and Change Management

We will come to your office and perform a group training session for the use of Chromebooks in your organisation, this will include Q&A as well as some time for us to sit with each employee and help them with change management.

For organisations with 3 or less chrome devices or where travel time exceeds 1 hour from Melbourne CBD, training will be conducted remotely via hangouts or the client is welcome to visit our office for the training.

  • Set-up Chrome Enterprise: $299 (once off)
  • Chrome Hardware Maintenance/Support: $39 per device per month
  • Chrome Enterprise Licence – Annual Subscription: $66
  • Chrome Enterprise Licence – Perpetual (life of device): $199

Mobile Device Management

Most organisations allow staff to use their personal mobile devices to access work information. As such, it’s important to be able to separate the work data from personal, so we can remotely remove only the work data, if needed.

  • Mobile Device Management for Android & iOS Setup $99 (once off)
  • Mobile Device Management for Android & iOS Support $2 per month per device


Hangouts Meet Hardware

Hangouts Meet Hardware and Chromebox for Meetings can be purchased and installed through us. Our team can install the device, provide training and ongoing support.

  • Setup Hangouts Meet Hardware: $499 (once off)
  • Ongoing maintenance/support for Hangouts Meet Hardware: $29 per device per month
  • Hangouts Meet Hardware licence – Annual subscription: $299 per year