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Why Invest in Chrome OS Hardware?

Because it’s packed with the ultimate solution built for the new workforce: the cloud workforce. Whether on the front lines or in the front office, everyone has the potential to be an efficient cloud worker. And when we work in the cloud together, our businesses gain a competitive edge. 

Chrome-Ready Hardware

Chrome OS Hardware possesses the business capabilities of Chrome OS for IT to power the cloud workforce to work securely and effectively from anywhere.

Hardware from ChromeworX also has the latest array of cutting-edge models, fit for every individual needs, compared to the limited selection at most Australian retail outlets. 

All of us have the potential to be cloud workers — and when we work in the cloud together, businesses improve.

So, won’t you take the journey to a cloud workforce with us today?

What Do You Get From Chrome OS Hardware?

A critical advantage for doing business in the cloud. 

Technology innovation and digital disruption have fundamentally changed how employees access information, collaborate with colleagues, and serve customers. Employees increasingly rely on cloud-based business apps to do their jobs, using the browser as a central access point. Anytime, anywhere, any device work is now the norm, and employees need technologies that support their productivity at and away from their desks or offices.

  • $2.2m IT management and services savings with Chrome devices
  • 97 % Reduction in security incidents with Chrome browser

Hardware Capabilities

The Chromebook Advantage

Chrome Browser

The genuine helpfulness of Google to entrepreneurs is expressed by supporting more productive and secure ways to get work easily done in the browser.

Chrome OS

Chrome OS provides the brand new kind of employees with a modern experience and devices that stay fast, highly secured, can be deployed quickly–hence reducing the total cost of ownership.  

Chrome Security

Chrome OS devices have built-in security, deploy really quickly, and update automatically. Every modern employee will love it!

Do you know what you’re looking for?

Let our list of services help you.

You can rely on the team at ChromeworX to guide you on everything Chrome.

Chrome-related problems?

Put your mind at ease. 

Let the Chrome experts solve them.

How Can Chrome OS Hardware
Help You?

Why Choose ChromeworX?

Chrome OS Integrations / Google Workspace
Migrations / Chrome Hardware Deployments

Have your Chrome
Fleet Managed

Allow your organisation to scale up without IT holding you back.

Work with Certified Google Experts

Our IT Engineers are Google Certified with over 10 years of experience to ensure best practices are implemented.

Fast & Reliable Service

We can provide both onsite and remote support for your IT issues.

Cloud Consultants
will Secure your Data

Regular Security reviews to ensure your organisation has the appropriate layers of protection in place.

Save Time & Money,
and Manage Smoothly

The combination of Chrome Enterprise and Google Workspace by ChromeworX will reduce your IT costs and increase productivity.

Have your Team Produce their Best Work

We will train your team on how to best use the tech so they can collaborate and work smarter.

See How We Work.

Here's What Our Customers Say

We were able to reduce our IT costs by 30% when replacing Dropbox & Microsoft with Google Workspace. There has also been significant time saving with IT administration and usage of Google Drive.

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John Filler Executive Director
The rollout of Chromebooks is meeting project expectations of mobile staff having devices that work for the whole day without need to recharge, and provided cost savings greater than 50% to manage and

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Noah's Ark
Peter Davies IT Systems Manager
At Fonda, we’ve been wanting to make the switch from Office365 to Google for Work for a while. The ability of our restaurant leaders to be able to collaborate on documents is really

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Fonda Mexican
Richard George IT Manager


We have policies in place to ensure we won’t have access to your information unless you specifically request it.

One of our policies is to not keep records of employees login credentials. If your employees need their password, we can only reset it as we won’t have it on file. We have also been in business for 14 years and our Google Reviews show we are a trustworthy operator.

Our minimum contract term is 3 months. The reason for this is it takes this long to get a good feel for each other’s business and work through all the teething issues that may arise once we up the level of security in your organisation.

You won’t have downtime, we just need to work with your staff to enforce better practices to stay safe in today’s dangerous cyber world.

We don’t lock our clients in for years as we know they will be happy with our services and stay with us for a long time.

Yes. Contact us to find out if you are eligible and the type of special pricing you can get.



Unlock the Full IT Potential of your Organisation!

Learn how Google products can enhance your business from one of our specialists.

Advanced Security

  • Lost and stolen protections
  • Persistent enrollment
  • Application verified access
  • Ephemeral mode

Simplified Orchestration

  • Google or 3rd party UEM
  • Device policies
  • Client certificates
  • Printers
  • Networks and proxies
  • Device reporting
  • OS versions

Flexible Access

  • Local AD integration1
  • Advanced SAML SSO
  • Sign in controls & auditing
  • Managed guest sessions
  • Kiosk mode

24x7 IT Admin Support

  • Support via phone, email, and
    other methods available
    directly from Google for IT

Google Chrome Hardware Training and Change Management

We will come to your office and perform a group training session for the use of Chromebooks in your organisation, this will include Q&A as well as some time for us to sit with each employee and help them with change management.

For organisations with 3 or less chrome devices or where travel time exceeds 1 hour from Melbourne CBD, training will be conducted remotely via hangouts or the client is welcome to visit our office for the training.

  • Set-up Chrome Enterprise: $299 (once off)
  • Chrome Hardware Maintenance/Support: $39 per device per month
  • Chrome Enterprise Licence – Annual Subscription: $66
  • Chrome Enterprise Licence – Perpetual (life of device): $199

Mobile Device Management

Most organisations allow staff to use their personal mobile devices to access work information. As such, it’s important to be able to separate the work data from personal, so we can remotely remove only the work data, if needed.

  • Mobile Device Management for Android & iOS Setup $99 (once off)
  • Mobile Device Management for Android & iOS Support $2 per month per device


Windows & Mac Chrome Management

As Windows & Mac are highly targeted by cyber criminals, they will require additional security to keep them protected.

  • Setup Managed Services on computers: $79 once off per device
  • Managed Services (Premium Care) for Windows or Mac: $99 per device per month

Neverware Cloud Ready

Neverware Cloud Ready is a software subscription which will turn existing Windows or Mac devices into Chrome devices, allowing you to repurpose old IT hardware.

  • Neverware CloudReady Annual License: $76 per device per year
  • Neverware CloudReady Perpetual License: $175 once off
  • Installation: $79 per device once off
  • Ongoing maintenance/support for Chrome hardware: $39 per device per month

Hangouts Meet Hardware

Hangouts Meet Hardware and Chromebox for Meetings can be purchased and installed through us. Our team can install the device, provide training and ongoing support.

  • Setup Hangouts Meet Hardware: $499 (once off)
  • Ongoing maintenance/support for Hangouts Meet Hardware: $29 per device per month
  • Hangouts Meet Hardware licence – Annual subscription: $299 per year